The Habitat Area

Yes! You can see them too!

The habitat area is just a stone's throw from the winery. If you're feeling adventurous prepare for a short hike! It's worth it to see the strip of land that many animals call home!

If you visit at certain times of the year you might be lucky enough to see baby birds, bats, or freshly hatched butterflies.

Blake at the Habitat area May 31

Owls, raptors, and bees!

Oh my!

Kerry Hill is more than a winery and a vineyard. We are creating a healthy ecosystem throughout our property. We are a Certified Bee Friendly Farmer and we are a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. Nurturing biodiversity creates stronger vines which helps us grow better grapes and make delicious wine. We love sharing our property with an array of plants, animals, and insects.

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The McHive

Kerry Hill Winery's owner, Mindy, owns several McDonalds and was inspired by a story about a McDonald's in Sweden doing something to help bees. They built a "McHive" and we decided to do the same. The McHive is a bee box in disguise! Our McHive is located in our habitat area to provide a home for the bees who pollinate our habitat area. Bees are threatened around the world, but helping bees thrive, is exactly what farmers need to be doing. Special thanks to Jamie, our beekeeper, and Matt, our McHive builder.


Why Bees?

As bees pollinate our habitat area, they help these plants grow and eventually they return nutrients back into the soil. As these flowers and other plants succeed, they draw in other bugs, like certain beetles. These bugs are predators to vineyard pests, so when they are present, we need to intervene less to protect our vines. We are working toward a healthy ecosystem with greater biodiversity and balance, so that there is less need for us to protect our grapevines. Bees are a critical part of a healthy ecosystem and we want to do our part to help the bees in our area.